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Uniforms of the NSDAP

Jeff Clark


In the political hierarchy of the NSDAP, the Kreisleiters reigned over county-sized areas and were responsible for multiple communities and towns. Their power was vast, increasing as the war progressed. The Kreisleiter was the lowest position in the Party Leader structure who could collect a salary from the Party.

Featured here is tunic for a full Kreisleiter in the popular 4th pattern. The tunic is adorned with the rarely-encountered, hand-embroidered collar tabs in the rank of Haupt-Bereichsleiter. Also included are the medal bar, NSDAP tie, scare shoulder cords (with original paper RZM tags!) and the extremely scare brocade belt. Adding to the significance of this example, and likely its most important accessory, is the original Blood Order ribbon on the breast shoulder pocket flap. A unique and very complete ensemble to a most important Party official, this is a piece seldom seen on the collectors market.

(SA sports badge, Iron Cross, and Golden Party badge not included, but available)

(Kreisleiter Tunic Set; Blood Order Recipient)

Kreisleiter Tunic Set; Blood Order Recipient.#904

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