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Uniforms of the NSDAP

Jeff Clark


Most historians and scholars agree that had Adolf Hitler been struck down prior to September 1939, he would have gone down as the greatest leader Germany had ever known. His popularity within his country certainly was never greater than in the post-depression pre-war years when he put millions of people back to work, and disregarded the Treaty of Versailles. The cult of the Fuhrer saw his likeness featured in all areas and walks of life, and it would have been impossible to walk into any civic building or Party Headquarters and not have seen a bust of Hitler. These busts were always the focus of the room it occupied, in a very assuming and positive light. Additionally, these busts came in many different shapes and sizes, to make them appropriate in virtually all settings. In the post-war occupation, these were the obvious targets of vandalism and destruction, and there are very common photographs and film of such acts. However, a few souvenir-hungry GIs simply captured them and sent them home. The bust featured here is about life size, measuring 15 inches in height. The maker of this example is Schmidt Hofer, and is marked on the reverse as pictured. This appears to be made out of some metal alloy, and sits atop a heavy marble base. With no dents or cracks, the only detraction is some grazing to the finish in certain areas.  Rare to find in the larger size, and the massive proportion almost certainly guarantees its original location was of Party significance.

Hitler Head Bust

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Hitler Head Bust#518

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