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Uniforms of the NSDAP

Jeff Clark


This is the only post war repo in my collection. I bought it for display; the quality is very good. Description below from the original seller:

The Quintessential Symbol of the Third Reich-

The STANDARTE features a magnificent Bronze Eagle,  a beautifully crafted wreath & swastika, a heavy cast name designation box,  beautiful banner (two-sided), a handsome teak wood two-piece pole,  a canvas and leather carrying case (per original),  and a leather and brass cup bandoleer. 


Top Eagle:  Made of solid cast bronze, heavy, superb detail.


Wreath & Swastika:   Beautifully crafted of darkened bronze with gold trim, oak leaf motif, turned base.


Box:  Heavy, sand - cast brass, front: "Adolf Hitler" with black, enamel background, Back: "N.S.D.A.P", with red enamel background,  excellent lettering detail, remainder of box substantial brass metal, heavy.


Banner Cross: Rod: Lustery  teak wood shaft with both ends unscrew  at the acorn finials, featuring wooden threads, which match up invisibly.


Banner:  wonderfully hand - sewn, amazing detail, sharp lettering in black, red, and white, with tri-colored ruffles, front: "DEUTSCHLAND ERWACHE", Back: "NAT. SOZ.  DEUTSCHER ARBEITERPARTEI", "STURMABTEILUNG", rod tunnel to top original.


Standarte Pole:  Two piece per original, same size, magnificent cast brass ridge top end, bottom end brass cast topped, center double brass cast, ended with threaded screw in ends which match up perfectly,  top end fitted to end up in box for easy assembly.


Tassels:  Brass end snaps per original , twisted tri-color cord, hold up the banner smartly.


Carrying Case:  Rare accessory, per original with snaps, green canvas, black leather fittings.  Made to transport the Standarte, also for foul weather transport.


Flag Carrier:  Substantially - constructed of cow-hide leather (black)  and silver trimming, adjustable with hidden buckle, lovely brass cup at base to firmly and snugly fit the base of the Standarte brass cup teak wood pole.


Complete Set:  Weighs in at nearly fifty (50) pounds!  Substantial construction. Strikingly like originals which cost, beginning around 90-k, and up, these days!  




EAGLE:  Wing-Spread: 10 ½ " Nose-to-Tail: 10",Height: 7"


WREATH: External Diameter: 12 ½ " Width of Ring:2" SWASTIKA: 6"


BOX:     Length:  15 ¾ " Height: 4 ½ " Depth 3" (All Brass)


FLAG: Width: 26 ½ " Height: 24 ¾ " Fringe length: 1 ½ "


CROSS POLE : Length: 35"            

Acorn length: 2 ½"  (wooden, hidden threads)


MAIN POLE: Height 7" Bottom Section:32" Upper Section 32" Pole Center brass Fittings/Junctions Threaded Internally: 9"




POLE: Top Brass Fitting  (ferrule): 2".


POLE: Bottom Brass fitting  (Ferrule) : 3 ¼".


POLE: (Diameter),  Teak Wood (Solid): 1 ½" .


TOTAL WEIGHT:  (Aprox.) Fifty Pounds.

Deutschland Erwache Standarte

Deutschland Erwache Standarte-REPO#505

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