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Uniforms of the NSDAP

Jeff Clark


This Vet acquired set is named to Gau Amtesleiter Otto Demme who served in the Gau Thüringen.

The set includes his private maker visor with his name still inside. The visor is red piped with good shape and a desirable maker, Gustav Liebold of Weimar. The visor has numerous moth holes as shown in the pictures.

The single breasted tunic is a private maker as well; also from Weimar. Good quality material here! The tunic collar tabs show aging and slight discoloration. The pre-1939 tunic is red piped with correctly piped tabs, also in red. Piping is loose behind the back of the neck, but is not noticeable

The set comes with Demme's double breasted tunic. These double breasted tunics are extremely rare; I have only owned 3 in my years of collecting. (Of course like all things rare and expensive, they are being reproduced and sold by many dealers now.) These collar tabs are by a different maker, which held the color well; the bright silver is gorgeous! This tunic is wine piped, since double breasted tunics were introduced at the same time as the new insignia and Gau piping was changed, circa 1939. Demme, like a large majority of Political Leaders did, chose not to upgrade his tunics with the new insignia.

Comes with 2 pair of pants and pre`39 leather belt.

A super rare named set!!

Gau Tunic Set

Gau Amtesleiter Tunic Set#484

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