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Uniforms of the NSDAP

Jeff Clark


Here we present a final pattern Gau Visor used from 1939 thru the end 
of the Reich. This era visor is identifiable by the extremely 
becoming wine red piping around the crown, along the bottom rim, and 
across the middle. What makes this an exceptional piece, aside from 
the condition, is the rare direct embroidered wreath.  In beautiful 
condition with no mothing or distractions of any variety, you will, 
upon examination immediately acknowledge the quality and constitution 
of this example, including a very handsome patina to the eagle. Gau 
level visors are already less common than all other levels, but the 
bonus of the embroidery makes this a tasteful and attractive piece 
of Third Reich memorabilia.  Just a superb piece.

Of note:  The embroidered wreath on the visor was expected to be 
complimented with the embroidered collar tabs of the corresponding 

Gau Embroidered Visor

Gau Embroidered Visor#482

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