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Uniforms of the NSDAP

Jeff Clark

This is an example of a pre-1939 Kreis level visor. The Kreis utilized black piping from its inception up until 1939, when it was replaced with the white piping. This visor is correct in every subtle way: it hasnt had the wreath added, which is proper since the wreaths werent introduced until 1939. it also has the correct left-facing silver eagle, which would date this hat post-1936. Also of interest, is the private maker label on in the inside. This a known practice, but was in theory not allowed, as it ran contrary to RZM regulations. (this is in part what the assigned RZM denominations were for, to identify the manufacturer) Maker marked political visors exist, but are few and far between, and are known to be more prevalent in the 3rd form, which this is. This example has remarkable shape, still with the original hat spring intact.  A very interesting piece, and an enjoyable one to study and examine closely. 

Kreis Visor

Kreis Visor#478

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