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Uniforms of the NSDAP

Jeff Clark

Robert Wagner, (1895-1946), joined the NSDAP in 1924, was appointed 
Gauleiter of Baden in 1925, and occupied that post uninterrupted 
until the end of the Third Reich.  He was sentenced to a 15 month 
sentence at Landsberg Prison for his participation with Hitler in the 
Munich Putsch.  Upon Hitler's orders, Wagner was responsible for the 
'Nazification' of Alsace, including its incorporation into the 
Greater German Reich.  Ultimately tried by the French Military 
Tribunal and sentenced to death, Wagner was executed by firing squad 
in 1946.

This uniform set, to include the tunic and pants, are believed to 
have been the personal uniform of Gauleiter Wagner. This has been 
deduced based on the following clues:  proportions are consistent 
with Wagners dimensions, the ribbon bar included is consistent with 
the medals Wagner was awarded in the first World War, the loops on 
the left breast pocket match the way he wore his medals in period 
photos, the private maker label on the inside of the tunic is the 
label of a tailor from a town in his Gau (Heidelberg), and finally, 
Wagner was the only Gauleiter of Gau Baden during the entire 
existence of the Third Reich.

While these suggestions leave no doubt in the mind of the proprietor 
as to who the original owner of the uniform was, the lack of 
'conclusive' evidence, such as a name tag in the pocket, means the 
group is being offered with no premium added for the attributable 
element. The set is being marketed as a complete, untouched, 
pre-1939, single-breasted Gauleiter tunic with hand-embroidered 
collar tabs, which itself is a rare and highly sought after find.  
The tunic is complete and undamaged, and the pants have survived the 
decades remarkably intact.  An exciting, original 'unnamed' - 
'personality' piece!

Gauleiter Tunic

Gauleiter Tunic#466

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