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Uniforms of the NSDAP

Jeff Clark


The of the rarest Goetz Medals to find in Gold!

C-31 in the Colbert-Hyder book, page 47.

Conjoined busts of Hindenburg, Hitler, and Papen facing right. The inscription reads, "VON HINDENBURG HITLER VON PAPEN." The artist signature, "K. GOETZ,' can be found below Hindenburg's shoulder.

Reverse shows soldier holding a shield while slaying a dragon. The shield is designed so as to represent the colors of the old Reich flag, the black-white-red. The piece pictured in this volume has an included swastika on the shield. The inscription on the shield reads, "NATIO NALE FRONT' or "National Front." On the left is the date, " 30. JANUAR 1933." The surrounding inscription states, "MIT HINDENBURG FOR DEUTSCHLAND" or With Hindenburg for Germany.

36mm Gold

(Karl Goetz Medal in Gold)

Karl Goetz Medal in Gold#1200

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